Best paddle boarding locations in Florida


Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most popular water sports in the United States today. Nearly three million people participated in stand up paddle boarding in 2015, according to the Outdoor Foundation. 

With so many people participating in the sport, it's a must to know all of the great places to stand up paddle board in Florida.  Escape the winter blues with a Florida vacation.

Key West

Beautiful blue water and sunny weather brings people from all over the world to Key West. For stand up paddle board enthusiasts, it is one of Florida's ideal spots to be. One of the best parts about paddle boarding in Key West is going through the area's fantastic mangroves. Paddle boarders can check out the amazing local environment and get a true sense of the area's beauty. Head down to the islands and find out what everyone is talking about. You'll never want to go home.

St. Augustine

One of the state's premier stand up paddle board cities and Florida's oldest city, St. Augustine combines local history with excellent waters. One of the great sites to stand up paddle board past is the Castillo de San Marcos, the old masonry fort. Paddle boarders can hop off there for some splendid views of the ocean or city of St. Augustine. The waters off the coast of the city aren't just great for paddling on, but they give way to amazing views of the region. A definite hidden gem if you're paddle boarding in Florida.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Only found in four other places on Earth, Coastal Dune Lakes is located in Walton, Florida, where you can find 26 miles of waterways. The Coastal Dune Lakes are composed of 15 waterways that connect with the Gulf of Mexico. Stand up paddle boarders can see alligators skimming across the water as well as other paddle boarders dodging the reptiles. Once you complete one of the 15 lakes, you can jump into the next one and continue on. It is a fantastic area to check out and experience via stand up paddle board.

Destin Harbor

Destin's harbor and nearby canals are perfect places for stand up paddle boarding. The waters in the area are very calm, which gives you the chance to relax and take in the scenes of Destin. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can hit the area's beaches where the waves will give you a good workout. However, if you are looking for a laid back time in Destin, we recommend checking out the harbor on your SUP.

Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park has a variety of outdoor activities for tourists or locals looking for fun in the Florida sun. It is also a great place to stand up paddle board. The park is so large, you may find themselves all alone at times, giving you a real sense of independence as you explore the waters of the park. The island has some amazing beaches to explore, and with 80 campsites available to stay at, Bahia Honda State Park is perfect for stand up paddle board enthusiasts or newbies. 

If you are looking to head out to Florida and hit the waters, has all of your stand up paddle boarding needs covered. Whether it is a board, paddles or something else, can ship it to you anytime, anywhere in the U.S. Pick the board and will do the rest. 

5 Places to Standup Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe



Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in Nevada, USA. To be precise, it is located around the border of California and Nevada. It is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest in the USA; the first being Crater Lake. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in America. Sitting beneath the snow covered mountains, you will find the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe. It's an amazing place to experience new adventures and an amazing place to get your SUP on! As always can have a paddle board rental delivered anywhere in Lake Tahoe!  If you're renting a house in Lake Tahoe let SUPrents ship one of our Isle paddle boards directly to your door and you can enjoy SUPing for your whole vacation!  Our prices are lower for a week than the local guys are for 1 day (and we deliver in Lake Tahoe)!


5 Best Places to SUP in Lake Tahoe


1. Zephyr Cove


Located on the East shore of Lake Tahoe, Zephyr is home to a large sandy beach and many amenities.  With easy access to parking you will have no trouble at all paddling over to the picturesque boulders beneath the crystal clear waters that are so often photographed.

2. Kings Beach to Speedboat Beach

This is quite a thrilling and memorable journey. It is something you will always remember and the excitement will keep lingering even after you have rested your paddle board for the day. You can start from the beach shack as your starting point and travel eastward toward the California and Nevada State Line. Keep paddling until you arrive at Speedboat Beach which is fun in its on right.

3. Sand Harbor to Thunderbird Lodge

Sand Harbor Paddle Board Rental

Many adventure and travel enthusiasts are familiar with the overhead view of the clear waters of Lake Tahoe with boulders scattered along the floor of the lake. They look like large marbles. The view is amazing to witness from above but it is not difficult to get really up close with this breathtaking beauty. Make a slow cruise to Thunderbird Lodge which has a great view into the remaining residential estates of the 1930s and the giant mountains on Lake Tahoe’s east shore. Take in a smooth paddle during the morning and enjoy a little morning glass spread over the lake and secluded beaches, it all creates a wonderful scene to be enjoyed and to be remembered for years to come.

4. D.L. Bliss State Park

Some 17 miles south of Tahoe City on Highway 89, you will find this adventurous state park. It is a great point to begin your paddling adventures if you're looking for a quiet paddle along the west shore. Travel up to the north and you can satisfy your taste buds with snacks. Turn to the south and spend a serene day paddling to Emerald Bay where you can find souvenirs like postcards and calendars.

5.  Cave Rock

This is a great point during a calm day. It has a boat launch and convenient parking that allows people to easily access the water. Prepare for a base camp at the sandy cove in the south and paddle north to reach the old logging town of Glenbrook. Cave Rock Is an amazing sight from the water! can provide all your paddle board rental needs in Lake Tahoe. Simply select your board and the length of time you'd like to rent for and let us do the rest. If you have any questions give us a call and we can answer all your questions and get you all set for an incredible paddle board experience!

Top 5 paddling boarding locations in Montana

Grinell Lake, Mt.  An amazing spot to hike in your paddle board!

Best places to stand up paddle board in Montana


If you’ve been to Montana you know that Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world and if you haven't, take our word for it.  Throw in an iSUP from and you can reach places you never imagined would be possible.  With over a million acres of land the possibilities are endless. We’ll visit a few locations within the park, and few outside of the park.  Either way Montana is home to some the best paddle boarding in the country.  As always remember that can have a board delivered to your door anywhere in Western Montana within 24 hours.


  1. Lake Mcdonald

Lake Mcdonald, MT


Any one of the hundreds of waterways in the park would make an excellent destination, however we recommend hitting Lake Mcdonald in the early morning or late evening.  Mellow beaches and fairly consistent calm waters make Lake Mcdonald the ideal lake to see what Glacier National Park has to offer.  We recommend the Isle Explorer inflatable paddle board to tool around the lake and scope out the local wildlife.  


2. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake, MT


The largest natural freshwater lake in the western United States is world renowned for its astonishingly clear waters. There is a photo of a woman on an air mattress floating above what appears to be a mess of tangled logs.  The visibility in the water is simply amazing!  We recommend checking out the following small state parks called “The Units” within Flathead Lake State Park.


  • Wildhorse Island

    This island is one of the largest in the United States at over 2,000 acres and is only accessible via water.  Once on the island you’ll find an abundance of hikes and a rich history of wild horses.  The Salish and Pend O’reille tribes used to use the island as a hiding place for their horses and the United States reintroduced wild horses to the island in 1972.  

  • Wayferers

    Located near the quaint town of Big Fork, Montana Wayferers is the best place to view the sunset on Flathead Lake.  So paddle out and get one those famous Instagram sunset shots! After returning from the your paddle board adventure be sure to check out Big Fork and grab some lunch or dinner at ShowThyme.

  • Finley Point

    Located near a mature pine forest Finley point offers camping and amazing trout and Salmon fishing.  Rent an Isle Explorer paddle board from SUPrents and head out on the southern end of Flathead Lake to reel in a trophy trout.

  • Yellow Bay

    Come to launch your paddle board on gravelly beach, but stay for the cherries!  Yellow Bay is located in the heart of Montana’s famous sweet cherry orchard. Make sure you’re there in the summer months to take advantage of the cherries!

  • Big Arm

If you’re trying to reach the aforementioned Wildhorse Island this is your launch spot.  Although, that statement makes it sound as though that is all that Big Arm bay is good for and that is not the case.  Big Arm bay also boasts a long pebble beach and picturesque views of the ponderosa pines and juniper trees.

  • West Shore

        The West Shore offers some of the best views on Flathead Lake.  The glacially carved rock formations rise majestically from the water to the east of you and there are amazing views of the Mission and Swan Mountains.  West Shore is also home to one of the most secluded beaches on the lake.  It might be a little bit rocky, but it’s still a great place to launch your standup Paddle Board.


3.  Missoula (Clark Fork River)


Lakes are great, but sometimes it’s nice to casually float along with the current.  Put in at the Sha-Ron fishing access site and take out at Bess Reed State Park.  This paddle is an excellent way to experience downtown Missoula from a different perspective.  Be sure to wave to the diners on the patios as they look down on you enviously.  Also, tell them that you had your SUP delivered directly to you in 24 hours from ;)

4. Swan Lake


Swan Lake campground offers a great place to launch a SUP.  With a long sandy beach there is ample room to paddle out into the calm waters and enjoy the scenery.  This would be an excellent location to settle in for a morning SUP yoga session aboard the ISLE women’s yoga board.  No worries if this is your first time, as with all of our SUPrents paddle board rentals in Montana the boards are inflatable and very forgiving.  Visit for free 24 hour shipping to western Montnana.


5. Lake Como


    This picturesque lake is located within the Bitterroot National Forrest about 2 hours south of Missoula.  There is a great beach located on the north end of the lake which is an excellent location to standup paddle board or swim.



For the truly adventurous we like to throw in a lake that is not accessible via car.  In the summer months check out Grinell Lake in Glacier National Park. With one of the Isle paddle boards from you can take the inflatable all around board into some very secluded locations.  If you can make the 4 mile trek in you’ll be rewarded with a once in a lifetime paddling experience in this windex colored lake!

Of course there are dozens of other amazing SUP locations in Montana, however we had to cut off the list somewhere.


Photos of the Week (Mother's Day Edition)

Each week we feature our favorite standup paddle board photos from customers, staff and SUPer's worldwide.

For a chance to be featured submit your photos to lands in Kauai

Winters in the Northwest can leave my family and I feeling a little depleted in the Vitamin D department.  To combat that deficiency we took a trip to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai.  My wife and I have been making the trip to Hawaii for one reason or another for the last 10 years.  However, this was the first time my son would get to experience island life.

When we visit the islands we make sure to soak up plenty of sun on the beach, but we also love to explore all the island has to offer.  Some of that exploring can only be done by boat (Secret Falls being one example). Lucky for us the inflatable paddle boards from are easily toted around in the trunk of our car allowing us to pull our car over and be ready for a stand up paddle board session whenever inspiration strikes.  Heck, to prove how portable these boards are I took the Tower Adventurer iSUP on a 5 hour hike to Hanakapiai Falls.  

All in all it was an excellent trip, that I'm sure we will be making again!!

Sunny San Diego with a iSUP

My family loves San Diego! It's where my wife and I went to university and eventually got married, so needless to say we have tons of great memories tied up in this beautiful city.  We love visiting now because we still have friends and family in the area. We try to visit at least once or twice a year and we recently went down for a quick getaway to escape the cold and snow in Bend, Oregon. I packed the San Diego essentials - boardies, sunnies, flip flops and an inflatable standup paddle board from the board stash!

I threw the board in the trunk of the rental car and was ready to hit the water whenever we had a few free minutes. Downtime is hard to come by when we're in SD because we're trying to see everyone, go everywhere and pump as many california burritos and acai bowls as possible into our stomachs, but that's where the beauty of having an iSUP comes in.... you throw the board in the trunk and you're ready to hit the water anytime/anywhere. All you need is 30 minutes to spare and it's on! It doesn't get much more convenient than that!

Here's a few pictures from our 3 days in sunny SD on the iSUP...