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Best Paddle Locations in Portland (and beyond)

With Oregon being one of our home states we know better than most where the best places to drop an Oru kayak or stand up paddle board into the waters are.  Better still, we can hook you up with the best paddle board rentals in Portland.  Not quite ready to stand up on a board?  That’s not a problem.  We also provide the best kayak rental in Portland.  Check our rental page and book your rental.  We’ll have it delivered to your doorstep the next day at no additional cost.

At we don’t just want to provide you with the best Oru kayaks, Isle and Hydrus stand up paddle board rentals, but we have also compiled a list of some great bodies of water you can make some memories on.  

The Oregon Coast

A beautiful 90 minute drive from Portland will land you right on the Oregon Coast. This place is a heaven for water sports lovers. In the right weather conditions this can be the best place for stand up paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking. So if you want to have fun kayaking and paddle boarding then check the weather and book your trip, If you don't own a paddle board or kayak SUPrents has you covered.  The best paddle board rentals in Portland come from SUPrents.  We offer free next day shipping.


We Know we know Bend is not in Portland, but we couldn’t help but include our home city.  Hey, it’s still Oregon.  The Beauty of Bend is in its diversity of activities.  Whether you want to Mt. Bike, hike, rock climb, kayak or SUP, Bend can’t be beat.  With the Deschutes River cutting right through downtown you can put in at Drake Park and leisurely let the current take you downstream toward the Les Schwab Amphitheater where you might just catch an Alabama Shakes Concert while floating by.  For the more adventurous, don’t miss the Bend white water park.

With this being our home city you know we’ve got the hookup for you.  SUPrents offers the lowest price SUP rentals in Bend and the nicest boards. 

The Gorge

Absolutely one of the most wild paddle boarding spots near Portland Oregon. It has been rated amongst the top rated SUP destinations, so you can rent one of our paddle boards and enjoy paddling in one of the most beautiful rivers in the region. Also known for it’s windsurfing be sure to check the weather prior to launching!

Willamette River

The Willamette River at the heart of downtown is one of the local favorites because of its location and the stable weather conditions throughout the year. Portlandians love it because they can paddle board or kayak there almost any time throughout the year.  If you are outside Portland and want to come here and rent equipment as well, we will help you make it the best trip of your life by suggesting the right activities for you with the right equipment you can rent. 

Timothy Lake

Oregon is blessed with beautiful lakes, and the Timothy Lake is one of those blessings, with stable weather conditions, this is a perfect place if you want to have a calm and peaceful paddle boarding experience. 


As always, rent the gear own the experience!

5 Places to Standup Paddle Board on Lake Tahoe



Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in Nevada, USA. To be precise, it is located around the border of California and Nevada. It is the largest alpine lake in North America and the second deepest in the USA; the first being Crater Lake. Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in America. Sitting beneath the snow covered mountains, you will find the crystal clear water of Lake Tahoe. It's an amazing place to experience new adventures and an amazing place to get your SUP on! As always can have a paddle board rental delivered anywhere in Lake Tahoe!  If you're renting a house in Lake Tahoe let SUPrents ship one of our Isle paddle boards directly to your door and you can enjoy SUPing for your whole vacation!  Our prices are lower for a week than the local guys are for 1 day (and we deliver in Lake Tahoe)!


5 Best Places to SUP in Lake Tahoe


1. Zephyr Cove


Located on the East shore of Lake Tahoe, Zephyr is home to a large sandy beach and many amenities.  With easy access to parking you will have no trouble at all paddling over to the picturesque boulders beneath the crystal clear waters that are so often photographed.

2. Kings Beach to Speedboat Beach

This is quite a thrilling and memorable journey. It is something you will always remember and the excitement will keep lingering even after you have rested your paddle board for the day. You can start from the beach shack as your starting point and travel eastward toward the California and Nevada State Line. Keep paddling until you arrive at Speedboat Beach which is fun in its on right.

3. Sand Harbor to Thunderbird Lodge

Sand Harbor Paddle Board Rental

Many adventure and travel enthusiasts are familiar with the overhead view of the clear waters of Lake Tahoe with boulders scattered along the floor of the lake. They look like large marbles. The view is amazing to witness from above but it is not difficult to get really up close with this breathtaking beauty. Make a slow cruise to Thunderbird Lodge which has a great view into the remaining residential estates of the 1930s and the giant mountains on Lake Tahoe’s east shore. Take in a smooth paddle during the morning and enjoy a little morning glass spread over the lake and secluded beaches, it all creates a wonderful scene to be enjoyed and to be remembered for years to come.

4. D.L. Bliss State Park

Some 17 miles south of Tahoe City on Highway 89, you will find this adventurous state park. It is a great point to begin your paddling adventures if you're looking for a quiet paddle along the west shore. Travel up to the north and you can satisfy your taste buds with snacks. Turn to the south and spend a serene day paddling to Emerald Bay where you can find souvenirs like postcards and calendars.

5.  Cave Rock

This is a great point during a calm day. It has a boat launch and convenient parking that allows people to easily access the water. Prepare for a base camp at the sandy cove in the south and paddle north to reach the old logging town of Glenbrook. Cave Rock Is an amazing sight from the water! can provide all your paddle board rental needs in Lake Tahoe. Simply select your board and the length of time you'd like to rent for and let us do the rest. If you have any questions give us a call and we can answer all your questions and get you all set for an incredible paddle board experience!

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