Onewheel+ Rental

Onewheel is one of the most exciting, innovative and downright fun products to be released in years! SUPrents is now renting the Onewheel+ nationwide with free shipping!

What is Onewheel+

Simply put, the most beautiful ride on the planet. Snowboard all season, hack your commute, dominate any terrain and try to wipe that grin off your face! It's an electric skateboard and so much more!


Go Anywhere

Digital Shaping 2.0

Digital Shaping 2.0 provides the pinnacle of performance, comfort and control. Inspired by surfboard shapers creating different boards for different rides, Digital Shaping 2.0 offers a complete quiver of Shapings selectable from your smartphone.


Own the Streets


Snowboard/Surf Year Round

7 Mile Range\19 MPH Top Speed

Room to roam around your city, trails or wherever your imagination takes you. Uphill or downhill, Onewheel provides the power and speed to get to where you want to go. Ride 5-7 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 19 MPH.


Ultra Portable

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 5.45.14 PM.png

SUPrents Exclusive: Try Before You Buy

Considering a Onewheel+ purchase? SUPrents has got you covered. SUPrents is offering an exclusive try before you buy deal for anyone that's considering buying a Onewheel+ but wants to ride a Onewheel+ before buying one. SUPrents offers rental customers two options to rent then purchase:

Option 1: $1250 - Keep your rental board. Can't live without a Onewheel+ then keep the board you rented and don't send it back.

Option 2: $1399 - New board. After completing a rental send the board back and we'll take $100 off retail price on a brand new Onewheel+. Free Shipping is included. 

Still have questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email.