Our Story

Like many businesses SUPrents was born out of frustration. Co-founders Eric and Scott both love to travel and love the water. The love for those two things led them to rent paddle boards on multiple family vacations.  Unfortunately, they both had similar lackluster experiences renting. It was inconvenient, the boards weighed a ton and they were super expensive. Who wants to pay $80 for 1-day on the water?

In 2015 with those factors in mind they set out to shake up the rental industry by shipping paddle board packages directly to the doorsteps of their customers all across the USA. They invested in super light Isle inflatable paddle boards that even a child can carry and they offered their boards at a price point that was 50% less than the majority of their competitors.  Lastly, they always put the customer first! Since day one it’s been their goal to offer unparrelled customer service while revolutionizing the rental market.

“Rent the Gear. Own the Experience.”

Eric and his beautiful family

Eric Lindstrom - Co-Founder

Eric had a spirit for adventure bread into him at an early age.  He was born in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), however his parents packed up their lives and moved the family to Australia.  As a teenager they eventually made their way back to the PNW where he and Scott would start a lifelong friendship while bonding over a love for traditional sports and adventure sports.  

Eric has a B.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University.  You can see Eric's degree being put to work if you check out our Instagram feed and video section on the website.  

After finishing college Eric married Kelly and they soon found Australia calling their names.  After 2 years of marriage in San Diego they decided to pack up their lives and move to Australia.  While living in Australia Eric worked for a property management company and also played professional basketball for the Stirling Senators in Perth.  They would live and work in Perth for 2 years and then find their way back to the PNW and establish a permanent home in Bend, Oregon.  After being there for 2 years they welcomed Eloise Scout (who has had a few cameo appearances in the Instagram feed) into the world.  

In addition to co-founding SUPrents Eric also founded Summit to the Sea: Media Arts Experience.  Summit to the Sea is dedicated to educating, celebrating and inspiring local youths in the pursuit of filmmaking, photography and outdoor adventure sports. 


Scott Allen- Cofounder

Scott was born and raised in Eastern Washington, where he met and fell in love with his high school sweetheart Morgan.  Morgan and Scott were married in 2006 and have two beautiful children Amelia (5) and Parker (3) who have also had multiple cameos in the Instagram feed and website.  

As mentioned before Scott and Eric first bonded over their love of sports however the two carried that passion in different directions.  While Eric went on to play professional basketball in Australia Scott transitioned to Ironman triathlon.  As an Ironman competitor Scott was able to qualify and race in the Ironman World Championship held each year in Kona, Hawaii and the 70.3 World Championship.  When all was said and done he became a 4 time Ironman finisher.  His triathlon career has been placed on hold for the time being so he can focus on raising a family and running a business.