Rent inflatable Standup Paddle Boards and collapsible Kayaks and have them delivered directly to your doorstep anywhere in the U.S.A. When your rental is finished, return in the included prepaid shipping box. 

SUPrents is by far the most convenient, affordable and hassle free way to rent inflatable standup paddle boards and collapsible kayaks. It's perfect for vacations, road trips, camping, backpacking, try before you buy testing and any other situation where you'd like to have a standup paddle board or kayak with you. Think of Netflix, but for stand up paddle boards and Oru Kayaks. You choose the amount of time you'd like to rent  and the address anywhere in the Contiguous United State that you'd like it delivered to - we do the rest. Your gear is delivered to the address you selected (home, hotel, vacation rental, etc.) with everything you need to be on the water in minutes. You can stand up paddle board or kayak to your hearts content with the freedom, convenience and portability to take them wherever you go. You'll never have to worry about expensive hourly rates, roof racks or limited location accessibility again. When you're finished simply place your gear in the supplied box, attach the pre-paid postage label and mail it back.