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Best paddle boarding locations in Florida


Stand up paddle boarding is one of the most popular water sports in the United States today. Nearly three million people participated in stand up paddle boarding in 2015, according to the Outdoor Foundation. 

With so many people participating in the sport, it's a must to know all of the great places to stand up paddle board in Florida.  Escape the winter blues with a Florida vacation.

Key West

Beautiful blue water and sunny weather brings people from all over the world to Key West. For stand up paddle board enthusiasts, it is one of Florida's ideal spots to be. One of the best parts about paddle boarding in Key West is going through the area's fantastic mangroves. Paddle boarders can check out the amazing local environment and get a true sense of the area's beauty. Head down to the islands and find out what everyone is talking about. You'll never want to go home.

St. Augustine

One of the state's premier stand up paddle board cities and Florida's oldest city, St. Augustine combines local history with excellent waters. One of the great sites to stand up paddle board past is the Castillo de San Marcos, the old masonry fort. Paddle boarders can hop off there for some splendid views of the ocean or city of St. Augustine. The waters off the coast of the city aren't just great for paddling on, but they give way to amazing views of the region. A definite hidden gem if you're paddle boarding in Florida.

Coastal Dune Lakes

Only found in four other places on Earth, Coastal Dune Lakes is located in Walton, Florida, where you can find 26 miles of waterways. The Coastal Dune Lakes are composed of 15 waterways that connect with the Gulf of Mexico. Stand up paddle boarders can see alligators skimming across the water as well as other paddle boarders dodging the reptiles. Once you complete one of the 15 lakes, you can jump into the next one and continue on. It is a fantastic area to check out and experience via stand up paddle board.

Destin Harbor

Destin's harbor and nearby canals are perfect places for stand up paddle boarding. The waters in the area are very calm, which gives you the chance to relax and take in the scenes of Destin. If you are looking for more of a challenge, you can hit the area's beaches where the waves will give you a good workout. However, if you are looking for a laid back time in Destin, we recommend checking out the harbor on your SUP.

Bahia Honda State Park

Bahia Honda State Park has a variety of outdoor activities for tourists or locals looking for fun in the Florida sun. It is also a great place to stand up paddle board. The park is so large, you may find themselves all alone at times, giving you a real sense of independence as you explore the waters of the park. The island has some amazing beaches to explore, and with 80 campsites available to stay at, Bahia Honda State Park is perfect for stand up paddle board enthusiasts or newbies. 

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