SUPrents now Renting (and shipping) Oru Kayaks

Oru Kayak Rental

Just in case you haven’t joined us on Instagram yet, we thought we would formally announce it here.  SUPrents is no longer only a paddle board rental company. Now you can rent an Oru kayak from us and have it delivered directly to your door, vacation rental, or hotel anywhere in the USA with free shipping both ways.  Just like we did with paddle boards we are now the most convenient way to rent a kayak in America.




You haven’t heard of Oru kayaks?  




Prepare to have your mind blown! Inspired by the ancient art of origami Oru created a completely portable kayak that collapses down into a suitcase and folds back out into a kayak in a matter of minutes.  Weighing in at only 26 pounds, this is truly a boat that you can take anywhere!




The set up from box to boat takes about 5 minutes once the kayak has been broken.  The gif below is a great example of how it works.  Packing it back up is just as easy.  Disconnect a few straps, pull a few pieces, fold it back up and you’re off to your next destination. 

The Oru Bay is the model we are offering.  With the kayak weighing in at 26 pounds and collapsing into a 3 foot by 2.5 foot self contained box allows us to deliver the board to you anywhere there is a physical address in the USA. It also allows you to take it anywhere you want while on vacation by throwing it in the trunk or backseat of your car.  




“I thought you guys were only a paddle board rental company”




Being the rental business we have rented out our fare share of SUPs, but we also had many requests for a kayak option.  Although paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport in the world kayaking is still near and dear to many peoples hearts and they simply wanted to sit down and have a place to store their that is out of the elements.  Being the Shark Tank fans that we are we already knew about Oru kayaks.  After a little bit of research it was clear that Oru was that truly beautiful innovative product that we needed to offer.  Sure there are other options for portable kayaks, but none are as elegantly designed and easy to use as the Oru kayak.  




So, the next time you’re heading to the lake, bay or river remember has you covered for all of your paddling needs.  Whether you want a stand up paddle board rental shipped to your door or an Oru kayak for your next RV vacation we’ll get it to you wherever you are.