5 Best Paddle Boarding Locations in Arizona

Lake Havasu Paddle Boarding


Although Arizona is most known for it’s deserts it is also home to some remarkable paddle boarding spots. From forests to deserts the diversity and warm weather make Arizona an ideal place to SUP. Here are the five best locations to stand up paddle board around Arizona.

1. Lake Havasu

Of course this spring break and winter getaway made our list!  If you SUP in Arizona this is the place to be. Paddle boarding on the lake is an excellent way to spend some quality time in the sun and enjoy the perfect weather. Having a fun and safe race through the channel, lounging in the middle of the lake, and discovering the magnificent outlook under the London Bridge are just a fews of the experiences you will enjoy while SUPing on Lake Havasu. Moreover, paddle boarding on Lake Havasu is an excellent way to burn some of the those calories you may have added while partaking in the good times on Lake Havasu.

2.   Lake Powell (Bullfrog)

SUP Lake Powell

Lake Powell (also known as Bullfrog)  provides exceedingly surprising scenery not likely to be seen in anywhere else in the world. You will discover natural views of sandstone rock structures . Check out the nearby Horseshoe Bend and the lake’s deep blue waters, bright colored canyons, and isolated tributaries. In essence, Lake Powell should really be experienced on a paddle board at least once-in-a-lifetime!

3. Lake Pleasant

Lake Pleasant is located in Morristown, Arizona. Lake Pleasant offers many fun activities for people of all ages and families, consider the options you will have while enjoying a day SUPing. At Lake Pleasant, family and friends can enjoy archery, hiking , the blossom festival and Paddlefest. Paddle boarding is just one of many activities to be enjoyed at Lake Pleasant!

4. Bartlett Lake

There are many accommodations and amenities at the Bartlett Lake Marina. It is a recreational spot that can be experienced in several ways. That's the reason we have put the location on our list of best paddle boarding locations in Arizona. Bartlett Lake is located at the center of Tonto National Forest and is encompassed by exquisite, rich scenery.  Skip the rental lines and hassle at the marina and order your boards from SUPrents.com.  


5. Lake Mohave

Imagine rock cliffs, sandy beaches, blue water and sheer clarity across a lake embracing the borders of Nevada and California. This happens to be the description of Lake Mohave. The relaxing weather makes it a welcoming destination for paddle boarding. This is certainly a fantastic spot if you are interested in a more private escapade where there may not cross paths with another paddler all day. If you prefer paddling while also on an adventurous camping, trip hiking and performing a lot of other outdoor activities, then this lake is perfect for you.


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