Fed up with the Status Quo

Here at suprents.com we are shaking up the paddle board rental industry.  Like you, we’ve been victims of the limitations of renting a paddle board.  Whether that limit is the location of the rental company, or the exorbitant costs charged by those rental companies we’ve felt the same pain that you guys have.  When we started suprents.com we set out to change things and I think we have succeeded.


The first problem is a big one,  the board is huge!  At over 10 feet long you can’t just throw these things in the trunk of the car... unless you rent from us.  With our inflatable paddle boards you are no longer limited to the bay, lake or bend in the river the where the rental hut is located.  For instance, you're on vacation in Kauai and you want to paddle in Hanalei Bay but the weather is terrible.  With our boards you can throw them in your subcompact rental car and drive up to the Wailua River for a lazy river paddle. The point is, you are no longer limited by where you rent the board!  You don’t have a roof rack on your rental car? Who cares!  We can fit 4 boards in the trunk of an average sedan.


At suprents.com we knew that still wasn’t good enough.  Who wants to call all over to find a good price on a rental, only to find out you have to drive 45 minutes to pick up the board?  We don’t even make you leave home to go and pick the board up.  Your board will arrive at your hotel, home or vacation rental with everything you need to be on the water in minutes. 


So, we’ve solved the location problem, but a premium service like this has to cost more than the hut down by the beach, right?  Wrong!  We are so passionate about making paddle boarding available wherever you are that we decided to make it cheaper than all the local rental companies.   Our prices start at $17 per day!  The national average price per day is closer to $60.  So go ahead and splurge on those Orbitwheels you were eyeing in the Skymall catalogue on the flight over.  


Lets review.  

1.  suprents.com is ultra portable! 

2. We fit 4 boards in the trunk of the car!

3. We ship the boards to your door!

4. We are by far the most affordable rental company!


It’s a no brainer.  Our method is better in every possible way.  So go ahead and spring for that ocean front hotel room (or those Orbitwheels).  You just saved $43/day by renting from us!