What is SUPrents: Vacation Paddle Boards & how does it work?

SUPrents: Vacation Paddle Boards is by far the most convenient, affordable, and hassle free way to rent a stand up paddle board. It's perfect for vacations, road trips, camping, backpacking, try before you buy testing and any other situation where you'd like to have a stand up paddle board with you. Think of Netflix, but for stand up paddle boards. You choose the board you'd like to rent, the amount of time you'd like to rent it for and where you'd like it delivered and we do the rest. Your board package is delivered to the address you selected (home, hotel, vacation rental, campground, etc.) with everything you need to be on the water in minutes. You can stand up paddle board to your hearts content with the freedom, convenience and portability to take your board wherever you go. You'll never have to worry about expensive hourly rates, roof racks or limited location accessibility again. When you're finished with the board, you simply place it in the supplied box and mail back. 

What does the optional damage protection cover?

Adding damage protection to your rental covers your board or kayak against any kind of accidental damage that may occur during your rental period. This includes tears, dings, scratches, punctures, broken fins, broken leash, broken paddle. Should your board/kayak be damaged during the rental period the cost of repair/replacement is covered if damage protection was added to the rental at checkout. If damage protection is not added the renter is responsible for covering any and all costs associated with repair/replacement within 14 days of end of rental. Damage protection does not cover theft or loss. Damage protection cannot be added after the rental period begins.

What comes with my board rental?

Each rental includes a standup paddle board, an adjustable paddle, hand pump and leash. You can choose to add an electric pump and/or life jacket for a small additional fee.

How long will it take for my board to arrive?

Generally 1-4 days depending on where you are having your SUP shipped to and when you place your order. Our last shipment goes out at 3pm Pacific Time each day. We recommend ordering your board 5 or more days in advance to ensure on time delivery. Your board will be shipped from either Washington or Oregon.

When does my rental start/finish?

The rental starts on the day you selected on the website.  If your board happens to arrive a day early, that day is on us. The rental finishes counting forward from the selected rental start day. For example a 5-day rental scheduled on Monday would need to be shipped back on Saturday. A 7-day rental would need to be shipped back on the following Monday.

What happens if my rental ends on a Sunday?

If your rental ends on a Sunday, you are granted a one day grace period and you would ship back on Monday. You will not be charged an additional day. For example a 5-day rental that arrives on Tuesday would be shipped back on Monday.

What do I do if there's an issue with my board?

If there's an issue with the equipment when it arrives or at anytime during your rental please Contact Us via email or phone so we can take care of it.

What's an iSUP?

An iSUP is an inflatable standup paddle board. iSUP's are extremely portable, convenient and durable. You can throw them in the trunk of your car, back seat or even in a backpack and be ready to paddle board anytime/anywhere.

What happens if I want to keep the board for additional days?

If you'd like to keep the board for additional days past your rental end date please email or call us directly and let us know how many additional days you'd like the board for. You will be charged our standard additional day rate of $25 for each extra day.

What if I love my board so much I want to buy one?

We work directly with Isle Surf and Sup to offer an exclusive discount on a brand new board directly from Isle!

What if I want to take my board out of the U.S.

If you are heading on vacation outside of the U.S. unfortunately we cannot ship you the board.  The board must ship to and from a U.S. address.  However, you are more than welcome to have the board shipped to your home and take it with you out of the country as long as you ship it back from your home when you come back.

How big are the boards and how much do they weigh?

The All Around board is 10' long,  31" wide, 6" thick and weighs 18.6 pounds. The Women's/Yoga board is 10'4 long, 31" wide, 6" think and weighs 19.5 pounds.  

What If I'm local to Bend, Spokane or Coeur d'Alene?

If you're a local you get hooked up with a discount.  Simply complete the checkout process and we'll arrange a pickup time with you.

Why is the website asking for shipping address when I'm checking out as a local?

Our website defaults to a shipping option. Simply enter your billing address and we will arrange a pickup option for you.

What PSI should I inflate the board to?

13 - 14 PSI

When do you recommend using a leash?

We recommend using a leash all the time.

How do I inflate, deflate, attach my fin, box up, etc.?

Visit our VIDEOS page for instructional videos on all your iSUP questions.

What are your rental terms and conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions can be found HERE.